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Product Features:
High Discharge INR Flat Top Battery
2782 mAh Rated Capacity
3.7V Nominal Voltage
28.4A Continuous
47.8A Pulse
Fully Charge before first use

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HohmTech Sherlock Hohm V2


Capacity: 3116mAh
Max Charge Rate: 4.67A
Continuous Discharge Rate: 30.7A
Pulse | Peak: 47.1A 
Cycle Life Retention: 500 Cycles (70%), 1000 (60%)
Chemistry Type: Li-CoO2C

Taking an already solid foundation, Hohm Tech Int’l has pushed further into making the best of the best even better. Now utilizing proprietary structure, top cap, and chemistry (Li-CoO2C), we can confidently say Sherlock<sup?2 is king of the 20700 game in every way imaginable.

Idea was to power only electric motor applications, but found it too good to not share with the world. To prepare this cell to meet the extreme safety standards we hold ourselves accountable to, it took over a year of R&D on just the Cobalt Oxide ratio and Graphite stripping process.

The Sherlock 20700 will excel very much like its counterparts do, but with increased tolerance to amp loads, voltage sustainability under load, and increased cell life with the inherent cooler operation of new chemistry. For consumers that use devices that require extremely heavy amperage, but need a battery that will support those loads without faulting, we introduce to the Sherlock2 20700 cell.

Sherlock Hohm can be used in various applications with a Battery Management System.  These are rated by Indonesia Chemistry at 3116mAh capacity, with a CDR of 30.7A to 80°C and a pulse/peak rating of 47.1A. All ratings are subject to meet and/or exceed strict limitation policies set forth for DLr1, TID2, PVDL3, CLR4, mΩR5, and Temperature (°C). Sherlock2 is most closely related to the popular Hohm Work2 18650 cell, but has chemistry stimulated and melded at different Hz. Results are incredibly high amperage delivery, with an assurance of consistent coalition within the Li-ion family.

Every Hohm Tech cell model has been tested and certified by the rightful authorities/laboratories and accredited entities to achieve certification of MSDS, CE, ROHS, UN38.3, Specifications, Air/Sea Transport, and PLI. We do not cut corners. We deliver what we promise… chart topping performance, capacity, consistency, and safety.

All cells are developed and built specifically for intense & power-hungry devices that require consistent amperage delivery to operate as intended. Not only was power & capacity a priority, but safety measures were at the forefront of it all.

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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 cm